be good to your body


Our bodywork offerings include services that we truly believe are beneficial to a healthy body and lifestyle. Our collection of bodywork services include Reiki, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and Reflexology.

These services can be enjoyed individually or incorporated in a personal massage and bodywork plan that will have you feeling balanced in no time. 

Our services section has a good explanation of each of these services, and how they can benefit you. Our staff are properly trained and knowledgeable in each of these techniques in order to assure you the most productive and relaxing experience.

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You are in good hands.



Staying in tune with our bodies can be difficult in today's world. It is easy to become distracted by our daily routines and put off checking in with how our bodies really are doing. 

There are a number of seemingly small practices in the everyday life that can attribute to stress or tension in the body. Emotional stress can lead to physical discomfort and even chronic pain.

No matter how tense or light your everyday routine is allowing your body to relax and restore itself regularly is one of the best invesments you can make.


build a bodywork plan into your busy lifestyle

Our Bodywork Packages are a curated collection of our services that, planned out over several sessions, aim to give your body the care and attention it needs.

All our bodywork offerings are created after a thorough consultation with our client. After intently listening to your account of your day-to-day routine, elaboration of your perceived problem areas and a proper assessment of your body we work along side you to create a plan.

This plan takes into account your busy schedule, but also aims to deliver therapy to your body when we feel it will need it the most.