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We began our boutique massage business here in Newport in 2017, and it was easy to fall in love with the charm of this historic town and it's infectious residents. Our philosophy is built around our belief in a bespoke massage experience, heightened relaxation through individualized attention and putting the productivity of a proper massage at the forefront of a session. 

Incorporating massage and bodywork as part of a healthy lifestyle is something we feel passionate about, and seeing the results of our work develop over time is something we never get tired of experiencing. 

We love meeting new clients and working with them to better themselves and keep in tune with the intricacies of their body and mind. We look forward to meeting you. See you in the shop!

RI License: MT02405


Seth Joslin, Massage Therapist/Co-Owner

Seth has been a holistic practitioner for over fourteen years. For over a decade his approach has been to consider the whole client, including the physical, mental and spiritual aspects when treating a health condition or aiding to promote wellness. 

Seth employs complementary methods and alternative approaches to health in his practice. 

His style is what propelled the unique characteristics of a Bellevue Massage and Bodywork session. Ample time is dedicated to each client in an effort to appropriately address all the goals of a single session or bodywork plan. 

Since 2003, Seth has worked hard to continue his education as it applies to his passion for healing, starting with his completion of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia. Seth completed his Lyon Institute Cranial Sacral Training/Myofactial Release Training and his Charles Ridley Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Training (in 2005 and 2006 respectively), which makes him one of the only professionals in the area to offer this therapy. 

His experience in bodywork has been well tuned as he is highly skilled in both Acupressure and Jin Shin Do Therapy which allows him to address different pressure points and help to release tight muscles and ease tension.

In addition to his massage and body wellness training Seth is a certified Yoga Teacher with over 200 hours of training. This allows him to individualize follow up care by recommending postures to help clients achieve a more pain free lifestyle. 

Kevin Joslin, Massage Therapist/Co-Owner

Kevin is a talented massage therapist and an emphatic believer in the healing power of massage and bodywork treatments. His passion for massage therapy stems from a life long interest in the power of healing and the ability to help others. 

After receiving his massage therapy training from the Cortiva Institute for Massage Therapy and Skin Care School in Connecticut, Kevin was quick to begin his career in therapy and start his efforts in aiding others. In an effort to continue fulfilling his passion for helping and healing, he appreciates the opportunity to demonstrate how massage can heal several common bodily discomforts or health issues, such as; body aches/pains, headaches, rehabilitation and more serious issues such as anxiety/stress, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and myofascial pain syndrome.

Kevin has a unique ability to combine the technical and finite processes he has adopted from his professional training, with his personal techniques that work to keep the body and mind in equal consideration.

In addition to his training and experience with massage therapy, Kevin is ever interested and well-versed in the life-enhancing properties of healing crystals.


Catriona St. George, CBMT

Catriona has been in practice for 15 years and has been Board Certified since 2013. With a background in healthcare, she brings an understanding of physical and spiritual dynamics to resolve life's tensions in the body. She blends multicultural modalities to provide a uniquely effective treatment for each client and has additional certification in prenatal massage. A teacher and continuing student, she endeavors to bring experience and new light to her work each day.